Monday, December 16, 2013

Mothers - Daughters, Tea Parties And White Christmas

Each year in December Christy, Amiya and I have a day for the girls  We get dressed up and we have a nice lunch at a tea room and then we go downtown to the old Tampa Theatre to watch the movie White Christmas on the big screen.  Certainly if other members of the family were in town they would be welcome too.  The male members of our family are not welcome.  This is ladies day.  It is a day for us to enjoy each other, catch up on news and get sappy over the lines in this old movie that we have seen so many times in our lives.  When Amiya was a preschooler she loved music and  old musicals were a safe venue for her tender eyes and ears.  She fell in love with Bob and Betty and Phil and Judy, with the dancing and the singing and so the tradition began.
This year instead of going out to tea we had our tea party at our house.  The menu included Blueberry Scones with Lemon Curd, Chicken Salad on Biscuits,  Ham Spread with cucumber on Whole Wheat, Cream Puffs, Eggnog Cookies and Chocolate Covered Fruit.  Two teas were served, Jasmine and Raspberry.  We used Great Grandma Mary's tea set that Tom bought her forty plus years ago while stationed in Vietnam. 

Each year we have Christmas music played on the organ while we wait for the movie to start.  Then we have a short sing along for the audience. 

Each year the movie ends the same way...Betty loves Bob and Phil loves Judy and it snows at the Inn  in Pine Tree, Vermont.  This year it snowed in Tampa at the theatre entrance as well. 
Each year our girls day ends the same too... three women that are very grateful for each other and the opportunity to "take tea and enjoy each other."  My cup runneth over.

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