Friday, August 15, 2014

August In A Campground Means Busy!

We are having a great summer in Maine.  August is always the craziest month because everyone is getting in their vacations before school starts again.  Our hours are long even though we are not working full time.  We have been filling our days with some side trips, as well as sewing and knitting projects for me.  Tom has been having some things done on the rig and that has turned into a bit of a money pit.  While traveling out here we blew a tire on the rig which tore up the siding so that is on order.  Then the front jacks stopped working on the rig so we had to have those replaced.  We noticed a wet spot on the carpet and realized that the water heater had sprung a leak so that needed replacing.  Yeeks!  We are working this summer just to maintain our rig.
We do think this area is beautiful and are very happy to be here.  We love our manager and the people we are working with.  We do miss our families and our high speed internet and dependable phone service.  I miss my sewing room and my crafty friends and Tom misses his woodworking shop. It will be good to get back home and have those things again.  More than anything I miss the grands!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Visit With My Sister

My sister Genevieve came to Maine to visit us and we had a wonderful time with her.   She had  lobster several times and enjoyed it every time.
When the tide was out we walked across the sand bar from Bar Harbor to Bar Island.  People construct cairns all along the shore of the island and there are hundreds.

We celebrated our oldest sons birthday by cooking lobsters.
 One day we drove around the coastline and visited some little tourist stops.  This stop was at Nervous Nellie's.  They sell home made jams and jellies but the owner has also created some yard art using "old stuff and junk".   I talked Gen into posing for some photos. 

We had a wonderful visit with her and are only sorry that it was over so quickly.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mussel Picking

We went mussel picking at low tide one night this week.  Four of us picked over a hundred mussels in about ten minutes.  We rinse them off well with sea water and then take them home to soak  and fine clean them.  We add a handful of cornmeal to the bucket of fresh water and agitate it.  We do this for twenty-four hours before we plan to cook them.  The mussels ingest the cornmeal and release the sand and muck in their systems.
See all the clumps of mussels lying on the beach.  Easy pickings!

The next night we cooked them outside with garlic, butter and a little white wine.  Delicious!  Our friend had bought a bottle of a white sauce and we made some that way as well  I had baked a loaf of bread to sop up the sauces and this is definitely a cook again meal.
Tom has been working on a flower bed that would keep people from cutting across one of the campsites and he finished it this week.  He added some little pine trees and I put in some flower seeds.  It's late in the season so cross your fingers on the seeds.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wild Flowers And Wild Life

We have some pretty little flower beds in the camp ground.
This little guy was hanging onto our screen room one night.  He was about three inches across.
I'm not sure what kind of bush this was on but the flowers were so pretty against the foliage.  The wild roses are in bloom all over the island and are in all different colors.  Whites and pinks and deeper reds.  They are stunning right now.  Everywhere you look flowers grow wild and free here and in great abundance.

It is an amazing place to live and work.  I still have not spotted a moose and I am told we need to go farther north for that.  We will be on the look out.  When we are out driving I hold my camera at ready.  Tom laughs because he knows as soon as I put it away we will see a moose.

Schoodic Point

One of our favorite sections of Acadia National Park is at Schoodic Point.  After Hurricane Arthur ran through here we drove up to enjoy the waves crashing in.  The photos are deceptive as the waves were probably ten to fifteen feet high. 
Ordinarily this little waterfall doesn't look like much but after all of the rain we had it was gushing. 
 We pulled over to get a picture of the waterfall and right in front of us was  this tree full of burls. 
We are so lucky to be able to do things like this and we know it. 

Time With Friends

We have been reconnecting with friends from past KOA Work Kamper  assignments.  It's good to be together again and makes for many stories and shared memories.
We found a cute little diner in downtown Bar Harbor and had dinner with another couple.  The decorations were so cute and so abundant.  Talk about sensory overload. 
 All of us had seafood dishes.  I had Lobster Macaroni and Cheese that was absolutely amazing!
 The ladies bathroom door decorated with an old prom dress. 
After dinner we attended a brass ensemble concert in Bar Harbor.  It was held at the Congregational Church.  The weather was particularly hot and stuffy that night so we waited to take our seats inside until the very last minute.  We wandered around the adjacent graveyard and speculated on what the lives of these people buried here may have been like.

 Across the shared cemetery was the Catholic church with a beautiful stained glass window and it's adjacent bell tower.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On The Trail Of Quilt Shops

Today I went quilt shop hopping with my friend Lou.  She is also a quilter and a machine embroiderer.  We found some great bargains and the beginnings of several quilts and some other small projects.

We found a cute little restaurant with amazing chocolate chip muffins and a quilt and yarn shop next door.  The woman working the store was delightful and I will definitely be back there before I leave Maine.  Nice fabrics and amazing yarns to be had by those who seek them.
At one of the shops I found a knitting needle case for circulars that I thought was quite clever.  The lady that makes them is in her 80's and sews all kinds of things for many of the area shops.  Her work is really very well done and this is a clever way to corral those circulars.