Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Latest Rug Project

I found this rug kit complete with wool yarn at a thrift store.  I work on it for a few hours every Tuesday when I get together with my rug hooking friends.  It is coming along nicely and may even be completed by Christmas.

A Post About Nothing Much

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately.  I found an old apron pattern and sewed it up with some Mary Englebreit fabric that I had in my stash.  So darn cute! 

Strawberries are at peak right now so we picked up a flat for $7.00.  You can't beat the price and you sure can't beat the flavor.  I pulled out a recipe from Tom's moms file and made a pie with some of the berries.  It was delicious. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

THe Quilt Guild Fat Quarter Mystery Exchange

One of the quilt guilds I belong to had a mystery exchange this past year.  You put three fat quarters of fabric in a bag and turn it in.  In return you get a bag with three fat quarters from someone else.  You have a year to create a table runner for that person using their fabric and some of your own.  A year to think about it and try to be really creative.  A year to take your time and sew something special because you want the owner to really love what you create for them.  Last night at guild we got our fabric creations back. 
I made this 42" table runner, candle mat and mug rugs for my lady.

I received this piece.  It is 14 x 20. 

Kevalin's Rug

I bought a latch hook kit for our grandson for Christmas.  He loved the wolf pattern but was not interested in making it.  So I latch hooked it myself.  I finished it today and got the sweetest hugs and thank yous that you could ever imagine.  It was worth every minute of work.

Canning And Winemaking

I have been doing some canning and have made my first batch of wine here in Florida.  My cousin Sandy lives near by and we have gotten together several times.  We shared a case of apples and each canned a dozen pints of sauce.  Then we canned salsa one day and got almost forty pints.  Our Wisconsin friends, the Stankowski's. were here visiting and got put to work helping.  We laughed a lot and had fun doing it.  As always many hands make light work and Kay has assured herself of a warm welcome next year.  I also canned a dozen quarts of tomato sauce that week. 

I started a Chardonnay kit in January and bottled it last week.  By this fall it should be lovely to drink.

I thought that I would miss having a vegetable garden here but I was wrong.  We get lovely fresh produce in the roadside stands year round.  We are very pleased about that.

Monogramming And Crocheted Pillow Cases

I have been hard at work monogramming hand towels for the house.   They are turning out pretty dog gone cute!
Last week my cousin Gwen was here for a visit and she brought me a gift.  My grandmother was Gwen's godmother and she had gifted her with this pillowcase set years ago.  Gwen thought they should come back to grandmas family so she gave them to me.  I love them and am grateful to have another reminder of my grandmothers fine needlework skills.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Fun

We enjoyed many winters at White's RV Park and made many nice friends over the years.  So many have asked to see the house so we decided to have an open house and ask many of them at once.  Friday was an open night.  Friday was Valentines Day and it was also my birthday.  I did not want a birthday party for this one.... perhaps for my 100th I will want one.  Anyway, invitations were issued, snacks were arranged and we had a great visit.  My friend Maxine wanted to know what
 I did to deserve roses for valentines and I just smiled. 
Tom ran to the store and came home with them.  He said they were too pretty to pass up.

I found these little napkins at Home Goods and thought how appropriate.

As usual the ladies ended up in one room and the fellows in another.  Isn't that how it usually is?

Christy swung by after the open house and delivered another bouquet of roses.  It was a great day of prepping and then visiting with some really nice people.  I had a great birthday and no one knew they were helping me celebrate.
About 7pm my head starting filling up and my nose started running.  Someone flipped a switch and I had a full blown head cold.  Saturday and Sunday I stayed in, drank hot teas and napped.  Today, Monday I still have the cold but I think I am over the worst of it.